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Wednesday, 05 June 2013 17:21

Two walk across Kansas in name of stroke research

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Two weary travelers visited Lawrence's Red Dog Days in South Park to share their thoughts on exercise.
Doctor Sandra Billinger and her son, Michael Thomas, have walked about 22 miles every day for the past 21 days.
Their trek to walk across Kansas, 570 miles along the Santa Fe Trail, is all in the name of stroke research.
"We feel physical activity is really important. We wanted to walk to promote physical activity," Billinger said. "But specifically, we want to implement an early mobility program for people after a stroke, while they're in the hospital."
Billinger is a professor at KU Med and wants to raise $50,000 for research at the school.
She said, so far, they've raised $15,000.
The pair note that they've learned a lot about Kansas history.
"You just kind of learn a bunch of history that you would probably never know if you were in a car just driving past," Thomas said.
Though, their feet are ready for a break.

"They are sore. I've had blisters, I've lost toenails, they're swollen. They're actually numb. My feet have really taken the brunt of this," Billinger said.
With two more days left of the tour, the pair said they're not likely to hit the path again anytime soon.
"If my schooling was paid for, that's the only way I'd probably ever do it again," Thomas said.


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