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Monday, 10 June 2013 17:01

New non-partisan PAC hopes to get more women elected

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Last November, five women came together to create a Political Action Committee called Kansans Advancing Women.

Laurel Maslowski, one of the group's creators, said it's all an effort to increase the number of women in Kansas politics, from the legislature to city elections.

"There are just certain values and experiences that women bring with them that are important to be heard in a democracy," Maslowski said.

She said the number of female politicians has declined at the statehouse.

"39 out of 165 of our legislative offices are held by women, which doesn't (I think) represent the population," Maslowski said.

The non-partisan campaign supports progressive female candidates of both major parties. Maslowski noted Kansas has a history of supporting women in political roles, and the state elected several women to office before they could vote.

"We were the first state to have a female mayor, we were one of the first states to have a female sheriff," Maslowski said. "We've had two female governors, and so, we have had a strong history of women representing the state of Kansas."

According to the KAW PAC, the number of female Kansas legislators is the lowest it has been in 15 years.

Maslowski hopes recruiting men and women to their organization can help change that.

"We really want to bring back what has historically been a Kansas traditional value, which is women engaged in political office," Maslowski said.

For more information on Kansans Advancing Women, click here.

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