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Friday, 07 February 2014 18:04

William S. Burroughs final journals donated to KU

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He was a world renowned author and painter, and now William S. Burroughs final journals will call home to the University of Kansas Libraries.

"These journals of Burroughs will really help put KU on the map again for these fantastic resources and draw scholars from across the world to KU," Elspeth Healey, special collections librarian said.

The Burroughs estate executor James Grauerholz had possession of the 10 journals and decided to donate them to KU Libraries so they would be accessible to researchers.

And since Burroughs resided in Lawrence from 1982 until passing away in 1997, with much of the journals donated focus on the last year of his life.

"So it doesn't give sort of the trajectory of his full life here in Lawrence, but it does give sort of that last year in the city where he lived," Healey said.

The donations will add to the libraries collections first editions of many of Burroughs materials. Including the novel "Naked Lunch," that was hugely influential in the Post-World War II years.

But to make sure the journals are available here in Lawrence for researchers to use in to the future they will not go on permanent display.

"So that means keeping them in sort of climate controlled settings and housing them in ways that will help preserve them as best as possible," Healey said.

The journals will be on display throughout the month of February at the Spencer Research Library. Then will be cataloged and made available upon request to those who wish to read or study them.






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