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Friday, 13 November 2015 17:44

Professor chronicles filmmaking in new book

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A University of Kansas Film Studies professor has chronicled decades of famous filmmaking in a new book.

In his book “Those Who Made It: Speaking with the Legends of Hollywood”, John Tibbetts highlights the people behind the camera. “Those Who Made It” recounts 40 years of interviews, spanning from the early sound picture to the films of Steven Spielberg. Tibbets had the chance to sit down with Spielberg during the release of his Academy Award nominated film “The Color Purple”.

“I think he saw it (The Color Purple) as a big new chapter in his career so it was neat to catch him at a key moment like that, and he knew it. He knew there was some things riding on this picture,” said Tibbetts.

Tibbetts did sit down with household names like Spielberg and Jim Henson, but most of the interviews are with people, he says, the public wouldn’t recognize. However, Tibbetts says that almost every interview represents a groundbreaking moment in cinema history.

“Almost every one of these interviews was a particular moment in time, dealing with a specific film that in itself was a kind of a groundbreaking proposition,” said Tibbetts.


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