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Wednesday, 30 July 2014 17:58

Lawrence Humane Society says black dogs are less likely to be adopted

Written by  Brooke Lennington

The old superstition of black cats having bad luck may have actually rubbed off on black dogs. Turns out black and dark colored dogs are often the last choice adopters choose when it comes to finding man's best friend. That means their adoption day is usually much later than the fellow colorful breeds.

"Maybe at least twice as long as any other dog," said animal care associate Ethan Rhabe.

This issue is so common in shelters across the country, it's even sometimes referred to as the invisible black dog syndrome.

Dr. Jennifer Stone of the Lawrence Humane Society says there is a variety reasons black dogs are not chosen. The first is that there are so many.

"When people come in to the shelter and they are looking around, they will go for the more unique looking animals first," Stone said.

Another factor is that most black dog breeds are large.

"Sometimes people will pass them over because they either don't want a large dog, or they may find them intimidating," Stone said.

Not being photo-friendly can also hurt.

"They can have beautiful eyes, but it's really hard for the camera to pick up on those against the black," Stone said.

To speed up the adoption process for the dark colored dogs, Stone says the shelter will give the dogs a different look to get them noticed.

"Using accessories, giving them a bandana or something cute in the picture helps a lot," Stone said.


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